20 Healthy Kitchen Hacks

20 Healthy Kitchen Hacks

Simpler Strategies

1. Perfectly peel-able boiled eggs

Poke a hole in the bottom/top of the egg then boil as usual. The shell should come right off!

2. Rush the ripeness.

Put fruit in a paper bag to make it ripen quicker. Fruit releases ethylene gas naturally to help it become ripe and the bag will trap that gas, speeding up the process.

3. De-core a head of lettuce.

To easily get the core out of a head of lettuce, set the lettuce on a sturdy countertop or table. Lift the head then slam it, sternly, once on the countertop. The core will be disconnected from the leaves and is easily removed.

4. Peel garlic easily.

Lay the clove on its side and whack it with the broad side of a chef’s knife. The skin will fall right off! This also releases more juices, helping the garlic to be more flavorful in your dish.

5. Rid your strawberry of stems.

Remove strawberry stems and leaves by pressing a straw through the bottom of the berry until it breaks through the top, taking the hull (the white part inside), stem, and leaves with it!

Freezer Friendly

6. Cran the cubes.

Freeze cran-water in ice cube trays and add to a regular glass of cran-water. Your drink will stay cold and the “cran ice” will simply make more cran-water as it melts. (You could also freeze cranberry juice and add the cubes to a glass of plain water.)

7. Fresh broth, ready to go.

Freeze broth in ice cube trays for pre-measured portions that are easily accessible for any recipe. Add to skillets, saute pans, and pots to add more flavor to any dish. Frozen broth will also stay fresh for longer. (This also works for lemon juice!)

8. Get more glorious greens.

Steam or saute greens (spinach, kale) then strain and puree in a food processor. Freeze the greens in ice cube trays to easily add to smoothies for an extra vitamin boost. The greens will also keep for longer frozen than if they were simply in a drawer of the fridge.

9. DIY lunchbox ice-pack.

Freeze a wet sponge in a plastic baggie for a convenient icepack that fits in any lunchbox. As it melts, the water will be contained in the baggie, making clean-up a breeze!

10. Cube-less chill.

Cool down your beverage by adding a few frozen grapes. They will keep your drink cool without melting into it, watering it down.

11. Make herbs easy.

Chop herbs and freeze them in broth or oil for a fresh touch and less prep with any meal.

Lemon Lovin’

12. Keep brown at bay.

Sprinkle some lemon juice, or rub a slice of lemon, over sliced avocados and apples to keep them from turning brown. The citric acid and vitamin C slows down the oxidation process that causes browning.

13. Nuke it to juice it.

Boil the lemon or lime to get more juice out of it. (You can also microwave for about 20 seconds.) Heating the citrus fruit “melts” certain cells, causing them to be more flexible and juicy. Also roll the fruit before cutting to release more juice.

14. Easy squeezy.

Cut a lemon in half and place between tongs near the middle of the arms. Squeeze the prongs together to easily get every last drop of juice.

15. Freshen the old cutting board.

Clean your wooden cutting board by sprinkling with coarse salt and massaging with half a lemon. The homemade scrub will remove food particles and smell.

16. Disinfect your disposal.

Drop lemon slices into a running garbage disposal to do away with the dingy, old food smell. The citrus’ fresh aroma helps, as does its natural antibacterial properties.

Utensils & Tools

17. Personalized seasonings on-the-go.

Save money and lower sodium intake by making your own seasoning mixes. Take them with you in a re-purposed seasoning container. (It also works with an old Tic Tac box!)

18. Kill sponge germs.

Soak your sponge in water with a bit of lemon juice, then pop it in the microwave for 2 minutes to kill germs and get rid of the old food-y, musty smell. (Let it sit in the microwave for a few minutes to cool— it will be really steamy.)

19. Rejuvenate wooden spoons.

Revive old, warped and stained wooden spoons by boiling in a pot of water and laying out to dry in the sun.

20. Lengthen the life of your sponge.

Dry your dish sponge faster by clamping a binder clip on one end, and standing upright. Letting it dry faster and more evenly will help prevent mold and germs.

Cranberry Juice: A Super Slimming Secret

Cranberry Juice: A Super Slimming Secret

The power of the cranberry has been front and center of the Fat Flush Plan since the very beginning— and we were on to something!

As the star component of our signature Fat Flush Water (or Cran-Water), this tart fruit has been proven time and time again as a powerful ally in weight loss— and in good overall health. Studies have shown that people who regularly enjoy 100% unsweetened cranberry juice have smaller waistlines, healthier hearts, plus better memory and oral health.

A study included in a nutrition journal, Nutrients, found that cranberry juice drinkers who consumed 7.5 ounces (or more) a day were less likely to be overweight, compared to people who didn’t drink cranberry juice.

The ruby red beverage has also been proven to help safeguard your cardiovascular health by neutralizing two major threats: LDL, the cholesterol that generally leads to artery buildup, which can then lead to inflammation.

For many years, cranberry juice has been known as a natural prevention measure for urinary tract infections. Is it true? Research shows that compounds in cranberries effectively inhibit bacteria like E. coli from attaching to the walls of the urinary tract, which is commonly the cause of infection.

Certain compounds in cranberries also help prevent buildup of dental plaque, preventing cavity-causing bacteria from sticking to the teeth and polyphenols can help reduce inflammation in the mouth which protects against gum disease.

The key is to look for 100% unsweetened cranberry juice. No added fruit blends (pear juice, apple juice, grape juice, etc) and no sugar added (artificial or natural). It’s important to read the ingredients so you are sure to get pure cranberry juice— the most effective version. You can also easily make your own pure cranberry juice using our simple recipe!

How To Season Without Salt

How To Season Without Salt

A  healthy diet means cutting out the junk— added sodium, sugar, artificial flavors, and the list goes on. Ditching these add-ins doesn’t mean your food has to be bland. Quite the contrary! These natural flavor-makers will tingle your tastebuds and please your palette!

Like our list? Here’s how to make your own…

Chicken Broth, Beef Broth, Vegetable Broth

Infused Vinegar


All-Purpose Seasoning, Italian Seasoning, Curry Seasoning, Chinese 5 Spice

Better Than Store-Bought: Homemade Favorites

Better Than Store-Bought: Homemade Favorites

It’s no secret that store-bought, prepackaged foods are a major source of sodium, sugar, and other additives. But there is a way out!

Steer clear of those traps and stay in control of the food you eat by making your own condiments, dressings, broths, and more! Here are some of our favorite easy-to-make recipes that can replace your usual store-bought items:

1. Broths: Chicken, Beef, and Vegetable broths add flavor and moisture to any dish. We also love to use a bit of broth for a flavorful oil substitute when sautéing.
2. Crackers: Try these Chia Crackers for a crispy snack or dipping utensil.
3. Chips: baked Kale Chips are a crunchy alternative to fried chips. Try them sprinkled with your favorite seasonings!
4. Salad Dressing: Making your own Salad Dressings and Vinaigrettes is so easy. It takes few ingredients and little time!
5. Tomato Sauce: It is traditionally high in sodium, but you won’t even miss the extra salt when you use our Tomato Sauce recipe.
6. Seasoning Mixes: Pre-mixed seasonings can include more salt than you bargained for, but making your own is so easy! Use our All-Purpose Seasoning mix to get you started, and try our Curry Seasoning or Italian Seasoning mixes for something different.
7. Ketchup: This classic condiment often has tons of added sugar (yes, sugar!), so try our Ketchup recipe to avoid unhealthy, sneaky add-ins.
8. Salsa: Delicious as a topping or a dip, homemade Salsa is an easy recipe to make! For something a little different, try our recipe for Tomatillo Salsa.
9. Ice Cream: You don’t have to feel guilty about having a treat with our easy recipe for homemade Ice Cream.
10. Mayonnaise: Store-bought is unnecessary when Mayonnaise is this easy to make!
11. Pickles: A snack that you—and the kids—will love? Our recipe for homemade Pickles is a sure hit.
12. Cranberry Juice: It’s common for juices to be laced with added sugar and mixed with other fruits. But 100% unsweetened Cranberry Juice is an important component in Fat Flush, and is so easy to make!
13. Bread Crumbs: Good in so many recipes, or used as a coating when baking meat in the oven, our recipe makes homemade Bread Crumbs a snap!

8 Tips to Avoid Holiday Weight Gain

8 Tips to Avoid Holiday Weight Gain

You’re watching what you eat, meticulously investigating ingredients, and staying strong through those late-night snack attacks. Unfortunately, not everyone in your world is following suit. On top of that, it’s the holiday season— a time when treats abound and the “spirit of giving” often materializes into gift baggies filled with naughty sweets. Then the holiday party invites start to come in and the pressure really starts to set in.

You don’t have to hide at home with your head under the covers for the whole season. Come out and join in on the fun! But tuck our tips in your back pocket.

Shop Smart.

Keep things within your control, under control. Your kitchen, for example— keep it stocked with your healthy faves for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack-time, and any time in between. Having healthy options will help you stay satisfied and less likely to give in when a well-meaning co-worker passes around the plate of cookies. Munching on the healthy stuff before going to a holiday party is also a great way to avoid overdoing it with treats once you get there.

Bite Lite.

At a holiday party, take a mental inventory of the menu. Making a deliberate effort to notice what is available will help you prioritize. You see a veggie tray (jackpot!)— now what to go with? Homemade Greek yogurt dip? Deal. Store bought salad dressing? No deal.

Produce Power.

Let’s face it, fresh fruits and veggies are a no-brainer. They’re the very source of vitamins and nutrients. Plus, no surprises like added sugars or preservatives— what you see is what you get. When in doubt, reach for some fresh produce.

Freezer Friendly.

Although it’s cold outside and all you can think about is warm, comforting foods, don’t forget your freezer! It can help you save money, time, and trips to the grocery store. Most fruits, vegetables, and even meats, can be frozen. Buy in bulk and freeze in serving sizes for easy use later!

Simple Swaps.

Making a few simple food swaps can really help you side-step a holiday weight gain landmine. Some of our favorites include Spaghetti Squash instead of pasta or rice and Mashed Cauliflower instead of mashed potatoes. (Get more ideas here!)

Dessert Delights.

Fruit has naturally occurring sugars and that makes it the perfect guilt-free dessert! You can enjoy that sweet kick without letting out a notch in your belt. Try baking it, eating it raw, or mix it up for a fresh fruit salad.

Portion Patrol.

It’s important to watch what you eat, but it’s also very important to watch how much you eat. Cutting back on portions can impact your body more than you think! At home, use smaller plates. Eating out, box up half the meal before you start eating.

Chin Up.

So you had a little crumb of a cookie, or a sliver of cake. Don’t beat yourself up about it! Did you enjoy it? Yes. Will continuing to make that choice keep you from your goal? Yes. If you’re gonna be bad, savor the moment then leave it behind. Dwelling on slip-ups will only bring down your morale and slow your momentum. Recommit to making healthy choices, then get out there and get to it!



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