Tosha lost 50 lbs

Tosha lost 50 lbs

tosha-afterThe weight is still off!

Tosha lost 50 lbs – Classic Fat Flush

“I have always had to battle my weight—I started my first diet when I was 12! I had tried everything from eating only 8 total foods for 2 weeks to the infamous 48 hour Hollywood diet. Everything helped while I stuck to it, but the weight would not only come back RIGHT after I quit, but it seemed like at least 5 extra lbs would creep on too.

My mom’s friend started ‘The Fat Flush Plan’ and lost a lot of weight. The best thing was she didn’t gain it back when she would eat with us! That got my attention! I started this plan after deciding we wanted our first child. I just wanted to detox after being on birth control for 7 years. I got pregnant the 3rd month of trying for a baby! I gained 40 lbs with that pregnancy and only dropped 20 of it before I was pregnant again! I gained about 50 lbs with that pregnancy, so I had a lot of weight to lose.

tosha-beforeAfter I nursed my daughter for a year, I had 50 lbs to lose. I started this plan right after weaning her and I lost 11 lbs the first week! I loved the way my body was transforming right in front of my eyes! Not only were the scales telling me it was working, but my clothes almost immediately started bagging off of me! I was so encouraged that every day I started working out (jogging/walking) and by about 6 months later I had lost 50 lbs!

My stomach is flat and my thighs no longer touch– which was a personal goal of mine! The very best thing about this story is that the weight is still off after 16 months!!!!! I challenge people to do it for 2 weeks and just see how much they lose. They are always so shocked that it works for them just like it did for me! I could go on and on about all the health benefits (great skin/nails/hair), but give it a try and see for yourself!”

Tosha R., Sherman, TX

Tori lost 35 lbs

Tori lost 35 lbs

tori-afterI’ve told tons of friends about the program…

Tori lost 35 lbs – Smoothie Shakedown

“My mom and stepdad lost a lot of weight using the Fat Flush program. My mom has tried SO many diets and this is one that seemed to really change her lifestyle habits which led to long-term change. When they were visiting last summer they invited me to do the Smoothie Shakedown with them. Without really thinking I said, ‘Yes!’

tori-beforeI lost 25 pounds in about 3 months! I have managed to keep it off and lose another 10 pounds, for 35 pounds altogether! When I feel my diet spiraling out of control, I rein it in with another week or two of Smoothie Shakedown (or just a mini 3-day). I was even pleased to find that I was able to maintain my current weight through Christmas!

I feel stronger and healthier in the gym. The Fat Flush Kit supplements really help keep my energy going and the Body Protein powder is BY FAR the best I’ve ever had- it makes me feel REALLY good.

Thanks so much for your great products! I’ve told tons of friends about the program… they can’t help but ask when they see how good I feel and look! I feel amazing!”

Tim lost 60 lbs

Tim lost 60 lbs

Tim-afterThe Fat Flush Plan is great!

Tim lost 60 lbs – Classic Fat Flush

“Over the years my weight slowly crept up from about 190 on a 6 foot frame to a whopping 240 lbs. Two years ago I tried ‘The Fat Flush Plan,’ but did not have great success until my wife ordered the Fat Flush Kit and Fat Flush Whey Protein.

tim-beforeThis made all of the difference! The weight suddenly started melting off. I was no longer constantly hungry. My clothes were getting loose…very loose. Within three months I surpassed my goal of 190 lbs and reached an astounding 183 lbs! I went from an extra large shirt and tight fitting ‘loose cut’ size 36 jeans to a medium shirt and a ‘regular cut’ size 32 jeans. I was back to a weight and size that I had been prior to high school graduation.

I have since switched from the Dieter’s Multiple to the Male Multiple, and added HCL+2, CLA-1000, Ultra H-3, and Magnesium. My back and knee pain from past injuries have disappeared and my energy levels have soared. I can now work out several times a week and don’t get winded on long hikes like some of my hunting buddies. I have not taken any medication- not even aspirin- since starting UNI KEY products.

Being a typical male, I was skeptical of any ‘weight loss plan’. I was afraid of not having enough o eat, but ‘The Fat Flush Plan’ is great! I get plenty of food. I eat pancakes made from Whey Protein every morning. What ‘diet’ lets you eat pancakes every day? I have tons of energy, no pain, and UNI KEY helps keep me on track. Thank you!”

Tim T., Tigerville, SC

Teresa P. lost 15 lbs

Teresa P. lost 15 lbs

teressa-afterOver a 1 month period I lost 15 lbs!

Teresa P. lost 15 lbs. – Smoothie Shakedown

“I’m half way there! I completed the Smoothie Shakedown over a one month period and lost 15 pounds toward my 30 pound weight loss goal.

teressa-beforeThen I allowed my busy life and budget to sidetrack me for a few weeks, but the amazing and delightfully unusual (for me) thing is that I haven’t gained any of that weight back even though I haven’t been strictly following the Fat Flush protocol. I can’t wait to get back on-board and reach my goal. I felt so much better when I was on the program that I know it’s worth the effort. My husband can see the difference and is encouraging me to go for it.

My plan is to repeat the Smoothie Shakedown and then begin Phase 2 of the Fat Flush Plan to continue adopting a healthier lifestyle.

Thank you, Ann Louise, for all the time, research and personal commitment you’ve invested in helping people like me to change our lives for the better. Watch me go! (At least the extra part of me.)”

Susan lost 17 lbs

Susan lost 17 lbs

susan-afterWhat a life changing find!

Susan lost 17 lbs – Classic Fat Flush

Susan-beforeAt my son’s 1st birthday party in April I was still carrying around 20 extra pounds of baby weight. On my 5’2″ frame that’s four extra dress sizes so the only clothes that fit were maternity! Facing my 15 year college reunion and swim suit season, I went to the bookstore looking for yet another crash diet book. It was out of stock and I picked up The Fat Flush Plan instead. What a life changing find!

After 3 weeks on the plan I lost 14 lbs, just in time for reunion! By week 5, I lost 3 more lbs for 17 lbs total, and have kept it off all summer while still enjoying my favorite summertime treats!

Thank you, Ann Louise, for teaching me that eating REAL FOOD, not starving on low fat substitutes, is the key to fast and sustainable weight loss.

Shelli lost 42 lbs

Shelli lost 42 lbs

shelli-afterI love seeing immediate results!

Shelli lost 42 lbs – Classic Fat Flush

shelli-before“With the Fat Flush Plan I was able to lose 42 pounds! I absolutely love the Fat Flush Body Protein powder, which has been key in helping me maintain my weight loss, and the cran-water has replaced the sugary drinks from my past.

What I like most about this program is feeling nourished and not deprived. I love seeing immediate results, not only on the scale and with how my clothes fit, but feeling so much better and having more energy. I am so thankful to have found the Fat Flush Plan and UNI KEY products!”

– Shelli A.

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