tosha-afterThe weight is still off!

Tosha lost 50 lbs – Classic Fat Flush

“I have always had to battle my weight—I started my first diet when I was 12! I had tried everything from eating only 8 total foods for 2 weeks to the infamous 48 hour Hollywood diet. Everything helped while I stuck to it, but the weight would not only come back RIGHT after I quit, but it seemed like at least 5 extra lbs would creep on too.

My mom’s friend started ‘The Fat Flush Plan’ and lost a lot of weight. The best thing was she didn’t gain it back when she would eat with us! That got my attention! I started this plan after deciding we wanted our first child. I just wanted to detox after being on birth control for 7 years. I got pregnant the 3rd month of trying for a baby! I gained 40 lbs with that pregnancy and only dropped 20 of it before I was pregnant again! I gained about 50 lbs with that pregnancy, so I had a lot of weight to lose.

tosha-beforeAfter I nursed my daughter for a year, I had 50 lbs to lose. I started this plan right after weaning her and I lost 11 lbs the first week! I loved the way my body was transforming right in front of my eyes! Not only were the scales telling me it was working, but my clothes almost immediately started bagging off of me! I was so encouraged that every day I started working out (jogging/walking) and by about 6 months later I had lost 50 lbs!

My stomach is flat and my thighs no longer touch– which was a personal goal of mine! The very best thing about this story is that the weight is still off after 16 months!!!!! I challenge people to do it for 2 weeks and just see how much they lose. They are always so shocked that it works for them just like it did for me! I could go on and on about all the health benefits (great skin/nails/hair), but give it a try and see for yourself!”

Tosha R., Sherman, TX

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