susan-afterWhat a life changing find!

Susan lost 17 lbs – Classic Fat Flush

Susan-beforeAt my son’s 1st birthday party in April I was still carrying around 20 extra pounds of baby weight. On my 5’2″ frame that’s four extra dress sizes so the only clothes that fit were maternity! Facing my 15 year college reunion and swim suit season, I went to the bookstore looking for yet another crash diet book. It was out of stock and I picked up The Fat Flush Plan instead. What a life changing find!

After 3 weeks on the plan I lost 14 lbs, just in time for reunion! By week 5, I lost 3 more lbs for 17 lbs total, and have kept it off all summer while still enjoying my favorite summertime treats!

Thank you, Ann Louise, for teaching me that eating REAL FOOD, not starving on low fat substitutes, is the key to fast and sustainable weight loss.

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