Tim-afterThe Fat Flush Plan is great!

Tim lost 60 lbs – Classic Fat Flush

“Over the years my weight slowly crept up from about 190 on a 6 foot frame to a whopping 240 lbs. Two years ago I tried ‘The Fat Flush Plan,’ but did not have great success until my wife ordered the Fat Flush Kit and Fat Flush Whey Protein.

tim-beforeThis made all of the difference! The weight suddenly started melting off. I was no longer constantly hungry. My clothes were getting loose…very loose. Within three months I surpassed my goal of 190 lbs and reached an astounding 183 lbs! I went from an extra large shirt and tight fitting ‘loose cut’ size 36 jeans to a medium shirt and a ‘regular cut’ size 32 jeans. I was back to a weight and size that I had been prior to high school graduation.

I have since switched from the Dieter’s Multiple to the Male Multiple, and added HCL+2, CLA-1000, Ultra H-3, and Magnesium. My back and knee pain from past injuries have disappeared and my energy levels have soared. I can now work out several times a week and don’t get winded on long hikes like some of my hunting buddies. I have not taken any medication- not even aspirin- since starting UNI KEY products.

Being a typical male, I was skeptical of any ‘weight loss plan’. I was afraid of not having enough o eat, but ‘The Fat Flush Plan’ is great! I get plenty of food. I eat pancakes made from Whey Protein every morning. What ‘diet’ lets you eat pancakes every day? I have tons of energy, no pain, and UNI KEY helps keep me on track. Thank you!”

Tim T., Tigerville, SC

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