Tim lost 60 lbs

Tim lost 60 lbs

Tim-afterThe Fat Flush Plan is great!

Tim lost 60 lbs – Classic Fat Flush

“Over the years my weight slowly crept up from about 190 on a 6 foot frame to a whopping 240 lbs. Two years ago I tried ‘The Fat Flush Plan,’ but did not have great success until my wife ordered the Fat Flush Kit and Fat Flush Whey Protein.

tim-beforeThis made all of the difference! The weight suddenly started melting off. I was no longer constantly hungry. My clothes were getting loose…very loose. Within three months I surpassed my goal of 190 lbs and reached an astounding 183 lbs! I went from an extra large shirt and tight fitting ‘loose cut’ size 36 jeans to a medium shirt and a ‘regular cut’ size 32 jeans. I was back to a weight and size that I had been prior to high school graduation.

I have since switched from the Dieter’s Multiple to the Male Multiple, and added HCL+2, CLA-1000, Ultra H-3, and Magnesium. My back and knee pain from past injuries have disappeared and my energy levels have soared. I can now work out several times a week and don’t get winded on long hikes like some of my hunting buddies. I have not taken any medication- not even aspirin- since starting UNI KEY products.

Being a typical male, I was skeptical of any ‘weight loss plan’. I was afraid of not having enough o eat, but ‘The Fat Flush Plan’ is great! I get plenty of food. I eat pancakes made from Whey Protein every morning. What ‘diet’ lets you eat pancakes every day? I have tons of energy, no pain, and UNI KEY helps keep me on track. Thank you!”

Tim T., Tigerville, SC

Sarah lost 59 lbs

Sarah lost 59 lbs

Sarah-AfterI am already feeling—and seeing—the results!

Sarah lost 59 lbs – Classic Fat Flush

Sarah-before“When I was 17 I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer, on top of all of the normal hormonal struggles of the teen years. My thyroid was going off the grid and added to my weight struggles as well as many others. After my thyroid removal, I gained 75 lbs and kept that weight on despite working out and eating right for five years.

Throughout college I was always a hefty person— but I am tall so I wore it well— and then my senior year I began to get sick again and gained another 20 lbs. My weight topped at 276 lbs. By the end of the year and too many hospital/doctors visits, I was diagnosed with endometriosis. After being treated for the endometriosis and life guarding all summer, I was down only five pounds, and struggling to lose the weight.

Now I have found Fat Flush, and am already feeling—and seeing— the results! I have been doing Fat Flush for over a year and a half now and am down from 276 lbs to 217 lbs. I am not done with my weight loss journey but I know that Fat Flush is the way that I am going to make my goals. I am so ready for my body to reflect my healthy mindset and lifestyle. This May is going to be my 5 year cancer-free anniversary and I am planning on getting back down to 185 for it, and now I know I can.”

Sara lost 71 lbs

Sara lost 71 lbs

Sara-AfterEver since I could remember I was overweight…

Sara lost 71 lbs – Smoothie Shakedown

“Ever since I could remember I was overweight. I was always the bigger girl out of my group of friends. I was bullied in school, especially high school due to my weight and it put me into a hole of depression. After high school I decided to make a change.

Sara-beforeI started changing my eating habits to eating more vegetables, protein, and cutting out numerous amounts of food that I know isn’t good for me—or anyone—to begin with. I found out about Smoothie Shakedown and knew I had to try it. I bought the Starter Bundle to try first hand, and loved the Body Protein powder and the fact it mixes so well with anything you put in it. I followed the 2 smoothie a day plan, and after that I continued to buy the products. I also picked up Ann Louise’s Fat Flush Cookbook and tried a bunch of her recipes that were actually quite yummy.

I started off weighing 196 pounds. I’m now down to 125 and I’m 5’5”. So all together that’s 71 pounds and I couldn’t be more than proud of myself and my accomplishment. The fact that everyone asks me what I did to lose weight, and they compliment me all the time makes me feel so much more confident in my body then when I started the weight loss process.”

Rebeccah R. lost 100 lbs

Rebeccah R. lost 100 lbs

Rebeccah-afterYou’ve changed our entire family’s lifestyle!

Rebeccah lost 100 lbs – Classic Fat Flush

“All my life I have been overweight and unhealthy- well my whole family has been overweight to be honest. My aunt was the one who got the ball rolling. She had gotten your book and, at the time, she was trying to get me to join her in her lifestyle change but I just wasn’t having it. I was young, I was in high school, and I thought it was unnecessary.

rebeccah-beforeAs I went into college, my sister and her husband had started the Fat Flush Plan and started seeing amazing results…and well, I kept gaining weight. I finally made up my mind that I was tired of seeing how big I was in pictures and I needed to make a change for the better.

Over the next 6-8 months I was losing anywhere from 10-12 lbs a month with my lifestyle change and exercise. I dropped over 100 lbs and honestly couldn’t believe it. And the best part of it was that during my weight loss I didn’t feel like I was on a diet, like I was starving or malnourished. I lost my sweet tooth and was just so focused on losing that next pound.

You’ve changed our entire family’s lifestyle and showed us that it’s possible to take off more weight than we could ever imagine. THANK YOU!”

Nicole lost 75 lbs

Nicole lost 75 lbs

nicole2-afterI just know I am healthier!

Nicole lost  75 lbs – Classic Fat Flush

“Ann Louise, I can’t thank you enough. The information you share in ‘The Fat Flush Plan’ has been life-changing. I have completely transformed from who I used to be, to a younger, more vibrant, skinnier, and happier me!

nicole2-beforeI have been overweight for most of my adult life, and have tried so many different things to lose the weight with no avail. I just looked at myself in the mirror one day and said, ‘This is it. You will always look like this, so get used to it!’ Never in my wildest dream did I ever think I would be this size again. Ann Louise, I have lost 75 lbs and counting, 7 inches in my bust and in my hips, and 11 1/2 inches in my waist! Not to mention how good I feel. I just know I am healthier (body, mind and soul).

My life will never be the same and I just can’t thank you enough- my liver and heart also thank you! Not to mention my family and friends who I have referred your book to because you have also changed their lives too! Thanks to you, my daughter will have a much better education about nutrition and health from her mother as you have completely opened my eyes to so much! Knowledge is power! My customers at work all notice the change too. I am absolutely overwhelmed at the response from people! This is AWESOME!”

Nicole T., Post Falls, ID

Lynn lost 70 lbs

Lynn lost 70 lbs

Lynn-AfterIt worked fast!

Lynn lost 70 lbs – Classic Fat Flush

lynn-before“I’ve lost over 70 lbs on ‘The Fat Flush Plan,’ using Weight Loss Formula and CLA in 3 1/2 months. Not only did I lose the weight, but my total cholesterol dropped from 260 to 191, and the LDL from 171 to 115. It worked fast- in two months. I had lots of confidence in Fat Flush when it really mattered and my numbers were really bad. The supplements also helped a lot when my numbers were off the chart.”

Lynn F., Island Park, NY

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