Teresa P. lost 15 lbs

Teresa P. lost 15 lbs

teressa-afterOver a 1 month period I lost 15 lbs!

Teresa P. lost 15 lbs. – Smoothie Shakedown

“I’m half way there! I completed the Smoothie Shakedown over a one month period and lost 15 pounds toward my 30 pound weight loss goal.

teressa-beforeThen I allowed my busy life and budget to sidetrack me for a few weeks, but the amazing and delightfully unusual (for me) thing is that I haven’t gained any of that weight back even though I haven’t been strictly following the Fat Flush protocol. I can’t wait to get back on-board and reach my goal. I felt so much better when I was on the program that I know it’s worth the effort. My husband can see the difference and is encouraging me to go for it.

My plan is to repeat the Smoothie Shakedown and then begin Phase 2 of the Fat Flush Plan to continue adopting a healthier lifestyle.

Thank you, Ann Louise, for all the time, research and personal commitment you’ve invested in helping people like me to change our lives for the better. Watch me go! (At least the extra part of me.)”

Susan lost 17 lbs

Susan lost 17 lbs

susan-afterWhat a life changing find!

Susan lost 17 lbs – Classic Fat Flush

Susan-beforeAt my son’s 1st birthday party in April I was still carrying around 20 extra pounds of baby weight. On my 5’2″ frame that’s four extra dress sizes so the only clothes that fit were maternity! Facing my 15 year college reunion and swim suit season, I went to the bookstore looking for yet another crash diet book. It was out of stock and I picked up The Fat Flush Plan instead. What a life changing find!

After 3 weeks on the plan I lost 14 lbs, just in time for reunion! By week 5, I lost 3 more lbs for 17 lbs total, and have kept it off all summer while still enjoying my favorite summertime treats!

Thank you, Ann Louise, for teaching me that eating REAL FOOD, not starving on low fat substitutes, is the key to fast and sustainable weight loss.

Sharon lost 12 lbs

Sharon lost 12 lbs

sharon-afterI feel great!

Sharon lost 12 lbs – Fat Flush For Life

sharon-before“At 56 years of age, I was not obese—had just “found” 10 or so pounds that made me sluggish, caused my clothes not to fit, and resulted in chronic back pain. I resigned myself to ‘I am not overweight for my age.’

One year ago, I tried the Fat Flush Plan for the two-week period and was amazed at my increase of energy and lack of back pain. As a former back surgery patient, I had also resigned myself to the pain as part of my age.

I lost 12 pounds and have not felt this good in 20 years. I now use the seasonal Fat Flush for Life Plan and have had no problem maintaining a constant weight. I feel great and the back pain is a thing of the past. My husband says I look better than when we met as teenagers.”

Niki lost 15 Lbs

Niki lost 15 Lbs

Niki-afterI feel much better & have more energy too!

Niki lost 15 lbs – Fat Flush Smoothie Shakedown

Niki-before“I have been doing the Smoothie Shakedown for 4 weeks. I like the simplicity of the smoothies for 2 meals. I don’t have time, nor do I enjoy, cooking. I was apprehensive at first. I thought the smoothies would leave me unsatisfied and I would be tempted to cheat.

The first 5 days I had a hard time between breakfast and lunch so I had a hard-boiled egg & an extra portion of fruit. Now I am so used to it that I don’t feel hungry. The smoothies are filling. I add chia seeds to the smoothies and they fill me up too.

I just weighed myself and I’ve lost 15 lbs! I feel much better and have more energy too. I can’t wait to lose 10 more and feel even better.”

Nancy lost 20 lbs

Nancy lost 20 lbs

nancy-afterThis is life changing for me!

Nancy lost 20 lbs – Fat Flush Soup Diet

“The best thing that has helped me lose weight is the Fat Flush Soup Diet and the Smoothie Shakedown. This December, I will turn 58 years old and I have had 6 children and 4 grandchildren. I have always been an active person—enjoying bike riding, walking, and going to the gym. But also enjoyed eating, especially sweets. I guess you could call me a ‘chocoholic.’ I was going down the wrong path and gaining weight to where I could not comfortably fit into my jeans. Plus, I was feeling tired all the time.

nancy-beforeMy neighbor told me about a soup diet that her friend lost weight on. I decided to try it and was amazed in just one week I lost 10 lbs! (And I really enjoyed the flavor of the soup!) Everyone was amazed at how fast I lost the weight and soon, I was giving the recipe out to all my friends and family. That got me so excited that I wanted to try the Smoothie Shakedown.

During the summer every morning I would have a smoothie with the Fat Flush protein powder, and then during the day watch what I ate making sure I stayed away from sweets and just ate fruit, veggies and lean meat. I don’t have any sugar cravings like I use to have and my stomach isn’t bloated.

I feel great and have lost 20 lbs and have kept it off for the past 6 months! This is life changing for me and I will never go back to my old habits. I am so happy and I feel like I have more energy to do the things I love. I guess you could call me a ‘recovering chocoholic.’

Thank you for these wonderful programs! My husband thanks you, too.

– Nancy G.

Diana F. lost 10 lbs

Diana F. lost 10 lbs

diana-afterI depend on the Fat Flush protein!

Diana F. lost 10 lbs – Classic Fat Flush

“Mine is mostly a decision I made many years ago: Do I want to be inactive and sluggish like my mother’s side of the family? Or do I want to be exercising into my 80’s and a fairly healthy eater like my father’s side of the family? I had to make a choice.

I felt arthritic and heavy, but I had been a gymnast in high school and college. I knew that I wanted to curb my eating and feel better again. Raising 3 kids and running a hectic business had made me forget about my own health.

I would say that I am a binge eater…my bad binges are better than most Americans but they still make me feel very achy and my immune system lowers obviously after a period of perhaps a month’s binge eating!

I have a very sensitive system and it is necessary for me to eat right and take the right supplements. Within the past year, I have undergone the Hair Strand Analysis Test available through UNI KEY. This test resulted in me taking supplements sold through UNI KEY which helped balance my ratios of mineral and vitamins which were out of balance- including my adrenals. I feel tremendously better and I can tell that my immune system is stronger!

I found Dr. Ann Louise Gittleman through an iridologist here in Houston. I was already eating well- I had previously become a “holistic” eater when my son had ear problems and I didn’t want him to have surgery or be on antibiotics- but did have some energy concerns. My iridologist showed me the Fat Flush philosophy and it made a lot of sense. It would be fairly easy for me to follow the program because I already ate somewhat like Dr. Ann Louise recommended.

dianna-beforeI started with the Fat Flush supplements and the cran-water with stevia and the smoothie every morning. Now, about 15 years later, I depend on the Fat Flush protein smoothie every morning after my lemon water, then I have a hard boiled egg and fruit for a mid-morning snack. I try to limit my carbs throughout the day and I try to sweeten anything I can with stevia, if it needs a little sweetness!

I am now taking UNI KEY’s ratio balancing supplements based on the Hair Strand Analysis Test results. A wonderful by-product of wanting to be healthy and feel good is that I have lost about 10 pounds over the course of the last 5 years. I am very active, training for various sporting events throughout the year, so I need enough calories to support my training.”

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