Sara-AfterEver since I could remember I was overweight…

Sara lost 71 lbs – Smoothie Shakedown

“Ever since I could remember I was overweight. I was always the bigger girl out of my group of friends. I was bullied in school, especially high school due to my weight and it put me into a hole of depression. After high school I decided to make a change.

Sara-beforeI started changing my eating habits to eating more vegetables, protein, and cutting out numerous amounts of food that I know isn’t good for me—or anyone—to begin with. I found out about Smoothie Shakedown and knew I had to try it. I bought the Starter Bundle to try first hand, and loved the Body Protein powder and the fact it mixes so well with anything you put in it. I followed the 2 smoothie a day plan, and after that I continued to buy the products. I also picked up Ann Louise’s Fat Flush Cookbook and tried a bunch of her recipes that were actually quite yummy.

I started off weighing 196 pounds. I’m now down to 125 and I’m 5’5”. So all together that’s 71 pounds and I couldn’t be more than proud of myself and my accomplishment. The fact that everyone asks me what I did to lose weight, and they compliment me all the time makes me feel so much more confident in my body then when I started the weight loss process.”

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