diana-afterI depend on the Fat Flush protein!

Diana F. lost 10 lbs – Classic Fat Flush

“Mine is mostly a decision I made many years ago: Do I want to be inactive and sluggish like my mother’s side of the family? Or do I want to be exercising into my 80’s and a fairly healthy eater like my father’s side of the family? I had to make a choice.

I felt arthritic and heavy, but I had been a gymnast in high school and college. I knew that I wanted to curb my eating and feel better again. Raising 3 kids and running a hectic business had made me forget about my own health.

I would say that I am a binge eater…my bad binges are better than most Americans but they still make me feel very achy and my immune system lowers obviously after a period of perhaps a month’s binge eating!

I have a very sensitive system and it is necessary for me to eat right and take the right supplements. Within the past year, I have undergone the Hair Strand Analysis Test available through UNI KEY. This test resulted in me taking supplements sold through UNI KEY which helped balance my ratios of mineral and vitamins which were out of balance- including my adrenals. I feel tremendously better and I can tell that my immune system is stronger!

I found Dr. Ann Louise Gittleman through an iridologist here in Houston. I was already eating well- I had previously become a “holistic” eater when my son had ear problems and I didn’t want him to have surgery or be on antibiotics- but did have some energy concerns. My iridologist showed me the Fat Flush philosophy and it made a lot of sense. It would be fairly easy for me to follow the program because I already ate somewhat like Dr. Ann Louise recommended.

dianna-beforeI started with the Fat Flush supplements and the cran-water with stevia and the smoothie every morning. Now, about 15 years later, I depend on the Fat Flush protein smoothie every morning after my lemon water, then I have a hard boiled egg and fruit for a mid-morning snack. I try to limit my carbs throughout the day and I try to sweeten anything I can with stevia, if it needs a little sweetness!

I am now taking UNI KEY’s ratio balancing supplements based on the Hair Strand Analysis Test results. A wonderful by-product of wanting to be healthy and feel good is that I have lost about 10 pounds over the course of the last 5 years. I am very active, training for various sporting events throughout the year, so I need enough calories to support my training.”

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