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7 Ways to Overcome Weight Loss Roadblocks

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Preparation is everything! Especially when you’ve decided to venture a lifestyle change, like the Fat Flush Plan. There will be lots of roadblocks and hurdles, some that you know and some unforeseen. With the input of veteran Fat Flushers and seasoned Smoothie Shakedowners, we have compiled a list of the top things that will help you jump the hurdles that may pop up along the way! 1. Pre-squeeze! Zest some Read More

Naturally Slimming Spices & Seasonings

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Here are some tidbits about common spices and seasonings to arm yourself with when fighting the battle of the bulge! They are easy to get, easy to use, and—best of all—bring your recipes to life! Garlic stimulates metabolism, stabilizes blood sugar levels, and eliminates toxins from the body. Cayenne‘s heat comes from a high concentration of capsicum, a substance that gives cayenne the power to fire up circulation, stimulate the Read More

Vegetables: What Do Their Colors Mean?

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The colors of your favorite veggie don’t just make them visually appealing. Their hue is a clue to their vitamins and nutritional value! The more vibrant the pigment, the more packed with health-promoting antioxidants. Here are some of the basics: – Dark, leafy greens (spinach and kale): These calcium-rich greens are also a good source of folic acid which can prevent birth defects, and lutein which aids and protects vision. Read More

Cat and Camel Pose

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Begin on your hands and knees. Round your back by contracting your abdominal muscles and tucking your pelvis.  Then allow your back to sag toward the floor as you lift your chest forward. Hold briefly. Repeat three to five times. This is a stability exercise that trains your entire core, including your abdominal, lower-back, and hip muscles.

Top 10 Tips to Get the Sugar Out

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As you have probably heard, all of us should be eating less sugar. Here’s why: Sugar has been linked to more than sixty different ailments, including obesity. While refined sugar consumption has declined in recent years, a new breed of sugar substitutes has emerged in artificial sweeteners such as Splenda, aspartame, and sugar alcohols, as well as high-fructose corn syrup (HFCS). Alarmingly, sugar’s “kissing cousins” may be even more harmful Read More

Top 10 Tips to Get the Salt Out of Your Diet

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For the average American, throwing away your salt shaker will hardly make a dent in your sodium intake. Salt is added so routinely by food manufacturers that it’s easy to overlook and difficult to escape. It’s not just in chips and pretzels (obvious salty foods) but is also now in soups and breads, and even in some cereals and desserts like instant pudding! These versatile tips can be used anywhere, Read More

Day 2: Nikole’s Shakedown Journal

Hey there, fellow —and future— fat flushers! My name is Nikole and I’m going to be taking you along on my fat flushing adventure! I hope that my journals help you to become as passionate as I am about this life changing plan. And for those wondering, it doesn’t just help you lose weight. Yes, that’s an amazing benefit! But your overall health is the important thing here! There is a Fat Read More