7 Ways to Overcome Weight Loss Roadblocks
by: ffadmin

Preparation is everything! Especially when you’ve decided to venture a lifestyle change, like the Fat Flush Plan. There will be lots of roadblocks and hurdles, some that you know and some unforeseen. With the input of veteran Fat Flushers and seasoned Smoothie Shakedowners, we have compiled a list of the top things that will help you jump the hurdles that may pop up along the way!

1. Pre-squeeze!

Zest some lemons and save the zest (you can even freeze it if you wish), then juice the lemons into ice trays and freeze. Each cube is equal to 1/2 lemon squeezed so you can just throw a “lemon cube” in your Hot Lemon Water in the morning!

2. A watched pot never boils.

Waiting for water to boil seems to take forever! So there’s nothing worse than having to try and boil eggs in the middle of your busy week. But these oval gems are life savers when snack-time is calling your name during the day. Don’t miss out because you “didn’t have time”! Over the weekend, boil eggs for the whole week. Keep them in the fridge and ready to go!

3. Endless fountain of…cran-water!

Mixing each individual cup of cran-water can sometimes be a pain— especially when you’re on-the-go or super busy at work. Try pre-mixing your daily cran-water in a pitcher or spouted dispenser. This will help you save time AND it helps keep you on top of your daily water intake!

4. Snack station

Another good way to have snacks on hand is to buy, wash, and pre-cut veggies on the weekend. Store them in the fridge in baggies for each day of the week. This is a HUGE time-saver because the little baggies are in the fridge and ready to be grabbed as you run out the door.

5. Strength in numbers!

If you can, get some friends/co-workers/family members to get on board with you! It helps so much when you feel like you’re not alone– a good support system even makes it feel more like an adventure, a fun journey! Also be sure to visit our Facebook pages (Fat Flush or Smoothie Shakedown) and Fat Flush Community for support! Encouragement, recipe swaps, tips, trials, questions & answers…and more!

6.Be adventurous!

Cutting the usual suspects out of your diet can be a challenge. (For some, the most challenging part.) When you say goodbye to pre-packaged foods, sugars, and sodium it can be difficult to adjust. Unfortunately, they’re major players in food these days. But learning to eat without these health-offenders forces you to think outside the box! Take advantage of the freedom– it’s a clean slate! Try new foods, sprinkle a new spice, experiment with a new recipe!

7. Mental Prep

Commencing with your everyday life will carry everyday events– birthday parties, graduation dinners, office luncheons. First, ready yourself that these events will happen and they carry all kinds of temptations with them. Next, come up with some ways to participate without breaking your diet. Look at the menu ahead of time (if possible) where the luncheon will be, and find something you can order or tailor to meet your parameters. Have a snack baggie ready in your purse to nosh on before-hand so you’re not hungry at the party. Also, it’s a good idea to come up with some Go-To answers when someone offers you a temptation. “Would you like some cake?” can be replied with, “No, thank you. I’ve been eyeing that beautiful veggie platter! I think I’ll go get some of that!”

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