Amanda-afterI was amazed at the ease of this plan!

Amanda S. lost 42 lbs – Classic Fat Flush

I have currently lost 42.6 lbs on the Fat Flush Plan! I was amazed at the ease of this plan and the way my body felt just after week 1.

I thought I might die without salt, but it was so much easier than I expected because I taught myself to taste the food in its natural form and buy only the best quality fruits, veggies and proteins. I had never tried flaxseed oil prior to the flush, and it certainly is an acquired taste, but I found that when blended with my smoothies, it worked! Gave a great mouth-feel and consistency too!

I have struggled my entire life with obesity and as a severe asthmatic, exercise was never a strong point. I am able to do minimal treadmill and rebounding without troubles now and have even joined a gym. I’ve had setbacks over the past 2 months due to a career change, but I am starting the flush again today and cannot wait to get back on the road to success! I’m 34 years old and hoping to be 34 MORE pounds down by the time I’m 35! Thank you so much!

amanda-beforeAs a side note: Admittedly, I am a bit of a container freak! This guy (UNI KEY’s 2L Water Bottle) however, has been my little buddy since I got him and everyone who knows me, knows my blue bottle is my sidekick! They don’t always know what’s inside, but it makes for great conversation when I explain that it’s cran-water. HUH? Then I explain the plan and after some oohs and aahs, I’ve turned someone into a Fat Flush fan. So, thank you for providing a handy vessel to keep my “what? drink” in for the day, not only for convenience, but so I can share my story!

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