arteha-afterIt’s wonderful to use a complete program that works!

Aretha lost 78 lbs – Smoothie Shakedown

Feeling tired and sluggish, and constantly fighting the “fall asleep blues” at work, I decided it was time for major change in my life. Weighing in at 287 pounds, the heaviest I’ve ever been in my life, I started with the Smoothie Shakedown. I had more than 50 pounds to lose. I approached it head on and followed the extended Shakedown program for 4 weeks and lost 38 pounds! Feeling better at this point, I moved on to the Fat Flush program and to this day I have lost an additional 40 pounds…and counting!

It is wonderful to use a complete program that works, leaves you energetic, and focuses on the cleansing of major organs that are tired and often overlooked by other programs. I love that there is no caffeine or ephedra. I love that my skin is moist and dewy, I can sleep through the night, and I have energy to complete my workouts!

I also love that I can totally turn to and trust a program that has been carefully researched and studied to truly help you not only lose weight, but cleanse the body and truly teach you how to Fat Flush for Life.

I am 43 years old and I work with 3-4 year olds and my energy levels have escalated through the roof! I am currently at 209 pounds and still using the Fat Flush to reach my goal of 140 pounds. I know I will be a continued success with the products and support of UNI KEY Health and Fat Flush Plan!

Aretha H.

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