Basic Smoothie Tips
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Taste Test

Discovering the best-tasting smoothies takes some trial and error. Try experimenting with various fruit combinations and amounts of cran-water, using frozen fruit instead of fresh, blending the water and fruit first before adding the remaining ingredients, and varying the amount of ice cubes you use.

At Home

The quality of your blender definitely has an impact on the level of “yummy” your smoothie hits. The blades move faster in high quality blenders, suspending the protein for a smoother texture and more incorporated fruit flavor. One blender brand we get lots of rave reviews about is the Vitamix. These heavy duty, professional blenders are met with raving reviews. You can check out the various models here or visit their official website.

At Work

Do you make a smoothie in the morning to bring to work for lunch, but by the time the clock strikes 12 the consistency isn’t what you’d like? Portable blenders, like the Magic Bullet, are great for mixing up fresh smoothies on-the-spot, no matter where you are. The blender cup even doubles as a glass! You can purchase one here.


You can make the smoothie ahead of time and stick it in the freezer until just before you’re ready to enjoy it! Letting it sit out for a few minutes will have it thawed to just the right consistency.

Need more tips? Here’s How to Make the Perfect Smoothie.

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