The Eggs-act Facts
by: ffadmin

Despite recent controversy, we are fans of the incredible, edible egg!

It’s healthy, it’s rich in protein, and it contains beautifying sulfur-based amino acids essential for luxurious hair, healthy nails, and radiant skin. It’s the EGG!

Here are some fun facts and tips to help you get the most out of these simple treasures:

  • Eggs should be cooked so whites are firm and yolks are just starting to firm up.
  • Egg-white (ropelike) strands are safe to eat and indicate a fresh egg.
  • Eggs should be refrigerated in their original carton and used within three weeks of purchase.
  • Eggs with blood spots are safe to eat: Simply remove the spot with a knife tip.
  • An egg yolk has up to 45% of the egg’s protein as well as most of its vitamins and minerals.
  • Mix it up! Try adding salsa, garlic, different herbs and spices, or your favorite veggies to your morning scramble!

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