Nicole-afterI not only lost the weight but kept it off!

Nikole lost 50 lbs – Fat Flush for Life

“Being healthy for me has been a life long mission. I have read every fitness magazine, bought the latest infomercial gimmick, joined countless gyms and tried every new diet fad out there. But that’s all it ever was, a fad. Nothing ever kept the weight off or made me feel good. I would actually feel worse because I would put the weight back on and then some. Plus no matter what I did, I was still struggling with all my health issues…Migraines, fatigue, sinus infections, severe allergies and joint aches. I even became a distributor for a popular health company thinking that it would be my golden ticket to a healthy life style, but every time something didn’t work, they would tell me to buy and take the latest product or buy and take another pill or buy and add something to my bland shake. I was so depressed and sad. I just wanted to be healthy…Why was it so hard?

I had all but given up, til one day when I was at Borders book store looking through the books and came across Fat Flush For Life, I remembered my sister-in-law reading The Fat Flush Plan and thought, “Well this all sounds way too good to be true, but why not…I’ve tried everything else.” I just thought how amazing would it be if something actually worked the way it is supposed to?

Nikole-beforeThat night I started reading and could not put the book down! I was so amazed at how little I knew about my own body! After I read the book I went on Ann Louise Gittleman’s website and discovered a whole community of successful Fat Flushers, that not only lost the weight but kept it off! AND on top of that, lots of them had overcome their sugar addictions and had overcome a lot of their own health problems. I so badly wanted to be one of those success stories! I started with the Fat Flush Smoothie Shakedown and couldn’t believe the results! Plus within a month, I had no sinus problems, no allergies, my migraines were a thing of the past, no achy joints and I was actually waking up before my alarm clock! I would have never thought I would ever be a morning person! I was sold!

Five months later I have surpassed every health goal I had ever set for myself! I love trying all the new additions to the Fat Flush that Ann Louise Gittleman gives us. The Fat Flush Soup helped me (in one week) lose those final 10 lbs that everyone says are the hardest! I am forever grateful for Ann Louise, her knowledge and the Fat Flush Plan! I am looking forward to my continued, successful Fat Flushing adventures!

Nikole H., Tehachapi, CA

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