How to Make the Perfect Smoothie
by: ffadmin

Smoothies are a convenient, delicious, one-stop-shop for a daily helping of essential vitamins and nutrients. (Not to mention all the time and money you save!) But it’s kinda like making a sandwich— there’s a strategy to making the perfect smoothie! Here are some of our most important tips:

1. Order counts!

First measure your water, then add the ice, protein powder and fruit. Blend those until smooth, then add any extras— ie mint, cinnamon, chia seeds, etc. This is to make sure the base ingredients are full incorporated and will give you a smoother texture.

2. Use the hatch!

Most blenders come with a nifty little hatch built into the lid— this is the removable piece in the center of the lid. It’s designed so you can add things while the blender is on, without making a mess. If you’re adding flaxseed oil, this is the spot! After the base ingredients and extras are pretty well incorporated, lift the hatch and stream the oil into the smoothie while the blender is still running. This will fully incorporate the oil into the smoothie which makes it nearly undetectable, and will also give your smoothie a thicker, more rich texture.

3. Fruit: Fresh or Frozen?

This is definitely your call! Most Fat Flush veterans like to use frozen fruit because you can buy it in bulk and have it on-hand and ready no matter the season. Frozen fruit can also make ice unnecessary because the fruit pieces are like little ice cubes themselves.

4. Save some for later!

Some people like to use smoothies as a time-saver— and we agree. They’re mighty convenient! If you know you won’t have a chance to cook later, or can’t make another smoothie, it is possible to make 2 smoothies in a batch, freezing one for later. Depending on the efficiency of your freezer, it can come out later as more of an ice cream treat than a protein smoothie! Jackpot! If it’s too frozen when you take it out, just let it sit at room temperature for a few minutes until it’s thawed to just the right texture. (You may want to stir it again just to be sure it’s all mixed up.)

These tips are based purely on our experiences and feedback from other Fat Flush smoothie-makers. If something doesn’t work for you, feel free to experiment and find the way to make your perfect smoothie!

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