Lisa-afterI not only look better, I feel better!

Lisa lost 30 lbs – Fat Flush Soup Diet

“In August last year, I fell ill with a case of food poisoning. I was ill for several months afterward, and was told I probably had diverticulitis. So I avoided seeds, corn, beans, and hard to digest vegetables. I also developed pain under my left ribcage, and it worsened after eating breads, pasta, or sugary carbs. By the beginning of 2012, I was sick and tired of being sick and tired. I was bloated and went up to a size 18 pants. I did some research online and thought maybe I had Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

In February, I bought an issue of Woman’s World magazine, which has a new diet on the cover every week. This one was called Fat Flush Soup Diet, and I thought—I love soup, I bet I can do that! So, I bought the issue and went home to read the article. It sounded almost too easy, and I didn’t love ALL the ingredients in the recipe. But it seemed simple, and I liked the idea that there was protein for breakfast and in the soup.

I bought all the ingredients, except for the mushrooms and beans, and went home to make it. I was leery of adding the cumin and cayenne pepper suggested in the recipe. I couldn’t believe the serving size was 3 cups, so I decided to go to the Fat Flush facebook page—and asked online about the serving size. Sure enough, it called for 3 cups per serving!

While online, I looked at the author’s, Ann Louise Gittleman, web page and read a few articles she has written on diet and parasites. I was shocked to see that the symptoms that accompany someone with parasites were identical to what I had! I later found out that a bad case of food poisoning can bring this on. ALG suggested taking a probiotic, so I immediately went to the drugstore to get some. I learned that probiotics also play a key part in weight loss.

lisa-beforeThe first few days of the soup diet, my stomach rebelled. I thought- oh well, I guess I can’t do this. But as I continued reading ALG and Fat Flush’s websites I thought- ‘Gosh I really need to do this!’ I made a 3 month plan to lose 30 pounds and created a food journal. I started on Feb 3, 2012 at 187, and in 10 days I had lost 8 pounds! I was excited and motivated! Although you shouldn’t weigh yourself everyday, I did that, and was amazed to watch it go down! My biggest challenges were and still are: eating out, and getting together with friends and family. When my husband and I eat out, I will order a grilled chicken sandwich, with no bun, and some type of vegetable on the side.

Friends and family are all seeing the difference too! I achieved my goal of 30 pounds lost and am now aiming for 10 more! I was never ever hungry either! I not only look better, I feel better! I tell everyone about the Fat Flush Plan, because it isn’t just a way to lose weight—it truly is a healthier lifestyle!”

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