Within two days, my intense carb cravings were gone!

Linda L. lost 88 lbs – Classic Fat Flush

“Ten years ago, I lost weight following Ann Louise’s Fat Flush Plan. I even helped moderate her online forum for a while and went on a couple of her Fat Flush cruises! However, over the years, due to the stress of caring for my ailing parents (and the emotional eating that went along with that), the scale started moving in the wrong direction.

At the same time, I developed hypothyroidism. As a nurse, I figured that was an easy fix…just take the thyroid medication prescribed by my doctor. Yet, even though I took the medication religiously, follow-up blood tests showed that my thyroid function was continuing to decline. And, the weight wasn’t budging, no matter how little I ate.

Last spring, I began having attacks of gallbladder pain. I knew that I had the risk factors for needing my gallbladder removed: ‘Fat, Female and over Forty.’ Wanting to avoid surgery, I emailed Ann Louise looking for advice. She responded that she was in the midst of doing new research on the connection between bile, the thyroid and weight loss…and that, because of my medical history, I would be a great person to help her test her research!

Ann Louise suggested a couple of supplements that would be supportive of my thyroid and my gallbladder, but other than that, I was on my own. I was free to follow any diet I liked. Since I knew that Fat Flush works, I fell back on the basics of that plan, with the addition of some ‘new’ healthy fats: macadamia nut oil, pastured butter and avocados. (I had convinced myself years ago that I didn’t like avocados, but after trying them again, I love them!) So, basically, my daily food intake became low in carbs and high in healthy fats, with a moderate amount of protein.

My ‘start date’ was my 62nd birthday. Within two days, my intense carb cravings were gone and the scale was already showing movement! There were no hunger pangs; no feelings of deprivation; no calorie counting; no points to add up. Just a strong focus on healthy fats and real foods. During the first three months, I lost 31 pounds. After six months, I had lost another 22 pounds. And, now, just a couple of weeks away from my 63rd birthday, I am 88 pounds lighter than when I started this journey!

So, if you are ‘of a certain age,’ like me, don’t buy into the pervasive myth that women can’t lose weight after menopause. I’m living proof that’s not true. To be honest, it’s actually been easier then when I tried to lose weight in my younger years! This is where the bile factor really must play a big role! Oh…and my mental clarity has returned! No more…’Where did I put my keys?’ ‘What was I about to say?’ I do truly feel ten years younger than before I started this eating plan!

Of course, by now, I have read Ann Louise’s recent book, Eat Fat, Lose Weight, and I have a better understanding of the bile/thyroid connection. But, it’s not just interesting research to me. I no longer have gallbladder pain, no matter how much (healthy) fat I eat. No gallbladder surgery for me! And, my sluggish thyroid is a thing of the past. I have my energy and good metabolism back. Plus, I take less thyroid medicine than before and the blood tests show my thyroid is working better than it has in years!

These days, I am starting to add other healthy fats into my lifestyle. Coconut oil is the latest! After that, I’ll try another one from the many that Ann Louise discusses in her book. Using Eat Fat, Lose Weight as a guide, I know I can maintain this lifestyle…and keep on improving my health. As a nurse, I know that medication has its place and that surgery cannot always be avoided. But, I also know that the right foods make for great ‘medicine’ too!”

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