Leslie-AfterI am very thankful for the Fat Flush Plan!

Leslie H. lost 24 lbs – Classic Fat Flush

“When I was 38 I tried the Fat Flush plan as a liver cleanse, not to lose weight. I saw it in Woman’s World magazine and thought I’d give it a try. My results were that I lost toxins AND 12 lbs in 14 days! I was so successful, that about 8 friends and co-workers tried the plan! I literally kept the weight off for many years. I have used the 2 week Fat Flush Plan any time a few pounds sneak up on me.

Now at age 53, a slow thyroid coupled with menopause has made weight loss a lot more challenging. I began eating more healthfully (removed dairy, bread, alcohol, sugar), and walking daily, between 3-10 miles a day. The weight began to come off, but I really needed to boost the fat burning.

Leslie-BeforeYears ago when I did the plan, I bought the herbs separately and tried to get the doses right! Although I was successful, it was a pain! The convenience of the Fat Flush Kit simply can’t be beat! I weighed 149 lbs when I started my diet and want to reach 118 lbs. I only have 7 pounds to go! I know first-hand that it is easier to keep in shape and maintain than to become lax and have to get back into shape! I am 5’2″ so when I gain weight, it really shows fast!

I am very thankful for the Fat Flush Plan and UNI KEY for helping me reach my weight loss goals! I recommend it to everyone when they comment on how much thinner I am! I think that this plan (like any weight loss plan) takes discipline, but if you can buckle down, you WILL see results! It has taken me about 5 months to lose what I lost so far. The “BEFORE” picture was my motivation for starting this!”

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