Leigh-afterI’ve noticed a lot of great health benefits!

Leigh lost 57 lbs – Classic Fat Flush

leigh-before“I was introduced to The Fat Flush Plan by my wife, who is a long-term successful Fat Flusher. She started cooking Fat Flush-friendly meals every day, so I reluctantly started following the diet. At that point, I weighed 230 lbs. I continued to eat some additional “off-plan” foods, but still managed to lose weight. I also started exercising and spent tons of hours working in the yard. Over the last 5 years of living the Fat Flush lifestyle, I have lost 57 lbs—I am now down to 173. I lost the last 7 lbs rapidly by adding a Fat Flush Whey Protein smoothie to my daily routine.

I came to this program ‘kicking and screaming,’ but have now learned to embrace it! In addition to the weight loss, I have noticed a lot of other great health benefits—I don’t get winded as quickly, my stamina for physical exertion has increased, and my blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar have improved!”

-Leigh, NC

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