The weight seemed to melt off!

Ingrid S. lost 88 lbs – Classic Fat Flush

My Fat Flush story has a long history. I was introduced to the Fat Flush Plan many years ago—I believe sometime in my early 30’s. I had gained a few pounds and couldn’t seem to lose it. A doctor recommended that I read the Fat Flush Plan, so I did. I followed the plan, I drank my hot lemon water in the morning, I drank my cranberry-flax drink, and I followed the recipes. I also took the recommended Fat Flush supplements, drank my Fat Flush smoothies in the morning, and I walked for exercise. The weight came off! Honestly, it was easy. At that time, I only needed to lose about 10 lbs.

As the years went by I had two children and became a stay at home mom. It seemed like the weight just slowly crept up. The next thing I knew I was 45 years old and weighed 230 lbs. I would look in the mirror and hardly recognize myself. At this point it had been at least 14 years since my original experience with the Fat Flush Plan. I tried other plans and felt starved and cranky. When I remembered the Fat Flush Plan, I pulled out my book and got to work again. This time I thought surely it would be much more difficult, but it wasn’t. I followed the plan, took the supplements, drank the shakes, and walked. The weight seemed to melt off. I would buy clothes and a few weeks later they would be too big. At this point the Fat Flush Plan is more of a way of life for me. I drink my shake pretty much every morning for breakfast—I even had one on my wedding day! I do it because I just feel better. I also like the fact that the healthy fats keep me feeling full.

I’d estimate that it took about a year and a half or so to lose the full 88 lbs. I really feel like this book and program have given me my life back. I remember struggling to get my socks on because of my big belly. Now, I can shop in any store I like—not just plus size shops. I never want to have to lose that much weight again. I also want to stay healthy so I can be there for my children and husband.

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