Horizontal Leg Lift

Horizontal Leg Lift

Lie on your left side, with your left elbow bent, cradling your head in your hand, and keeping your legs straight.

Brace yourself with your right hand, palm down on the floor or mat.

Raise your right leg as high as you can (this should take approximately 1 second) without moving any other part of your body, leaving your left leg firmly placed on the floor or mat. Pause for 2-3 seconds, lower your leg back down (this should take approximately 3 seconds).

3 Stretches to Ease Back Pain

3 Stretches to Ease Back Pain

Here are a few stretches that can lengthen and strengthen your lower back muscles, which will ease tension and aches.

Hip Stretcher: This will stretch your hip flexor muscles, which run from your lower back to the front of the thigh bone. Sit on the edge of a bed or table, and lie back. Grasp your knees, flattening your entire lower back against the surface. Grab your left knee with both hands and extend the right leg so it hangs freely off the side. Hold for 10 seconds then switch legs.

Side Stretcher: This will stretch lower back muscles that run from the top of your hip bone to the bottom rib. Lie on the floor on your right side, supporting yourself up on your forearm. Bend your left leg and move it up toward your stomach as far as you can. Plant your left foot on the floor. Slowly raise your upper body so that your right arm is straight, stopping when you feel a stretch along the right side of your waist. Switch and do the other side, repeating 2 times.

Glute Stretcher: Stretches your muscle under the glutes and hip joint. Stand facing a table, counter, or any other surface that’s about the same height as  your hips. Raise your right knee and lift your ankle so that the outside of your leg is resting on the table. Your leg should be in an L shape and be in line with your hip. Lean your upper body forward, arching your lower back, until you feel a slight stretch in your glutes. Switch to the other leg and do two sets each.

Quiz: Are You Addicted to Sugar?

Quiz: Are You Addicted to Sugar?

Most of us associate that word with white table sugar, the end product of the refining of sugarcane. But the term can be used in so many different contexts and have so many different meanings that confusion abounds.

So, are you addicted to sugar in all its sneaky forms? Find out!

Need to cut out some of the not-so-sweet stuff? Check out these Top 10 Tips to getting the sugar out of your life!

The Best Exercise to Get Rid of Cellulite

The Best Exercise to Get Rid of Cellulite

Exercise is one component of weight loss— it’s a scientific fact. But that doesn’t mean your only options are weight lifting or marathon running. One of our favorite Fat Flushing ways to move that bod is rebounding!

What is Rebounding?

Rebounding is a form of cardio exercise that stimulates the lymphatic system. The up-and-down jumping motion on the minitrampoline (known as a “rebounder”) parallels the way lymph nodes function, opening and closing vertically.

How Does This Impact Weight Loss?

Think of your lymphatic system as the body’s garbage disposal. It gathers and transports waste, bacteria, and other junk in your body. When the lymphatic system isn’t pumping properly, fluid accumulates around cells which can result in excess weight…and even cellulite! Your cells get a good squeeze from the bouncing, which helps move that stored waste out.

Anytime, Anyplace

Rebounding is also one of the most versatile exercises! It can be done inside or outdoors, at any time of day, which means rebounding is an excuse-proof exercise. Do it in the living room while watching your favorite TV show, at work on your lunch break, in a tiny apartment or spare bedroom.

Check out our favorite little trampolines at ReboundAir and get movin’!

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