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The Do’s & Don’ts of Stretching for a Workout

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The rules and warnings about stretching are all over the map. Here’s what you need to know… One of the most crucial parts of your workout is the cool-down stretch. Stretching keeps your connective tissues elastic. It also helps your body flush out the lactic acid that accumulates in your muscles after exercise—the same lactic acid that contributes to aches and pain. Finally, stretching improves the range of motion in Read More

Stretching: 5 Myths and Truths

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Stretching is important to keep the body limber, relaxes the body and mind, keeps circulation going, and also helps release toxins. But with all the benefits, is there a “right” time and “right” way to stretch? Here are some popular myths and the truth behind them… 1. Myth: Stretching one particular muscle (or group of muscles) will only relieve that area, hence the reason for LOTS of different stretch moves. Read More