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Fast Track Detox Diet

FastTrackDetoxDietFast Track Detox Diet

Plan Highlights

  • Simple 11-day detox system to flush out fattening toxins, boost metabolism and jump-start weight loss.
  • Brings the age old tradition of fasting into the 21st Century
  • Seven days of prep, a one-day fast to flush out toxins, and three days of healthy eating to seal in results

How It Works

A fast done right—with your body prepared for fasting and properly supported during the regime—can flush accumulated toxins from your cells, accelerate weight loss, cleanse your body, and combat the effects of aging. A body overloaded with toxins and pollutants suffers from a weakened immune system, a stressed-out liver, and, in all probability, a malfunctioning colon. The more toxic your body becomes, the more difficulty you have fighting off illness, achieving better health, or losing weight and keeping it off.




The Fast Track Detox Kit

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Fast Track Success


“I have done the Fast Track Detox Diet several times over the past 2 years and have lost about 30 lbs and counting! Many people do not know about the foods and products they consume, and what kind of effect it will have on their body to make better choices and achieve the results I want regarding my health and wellness.”†

-Alicia R., NY