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The New Fat Flush Plan

The New Fat Flush Plan

Detox & Cleanse for Enhanced Weight Loss

The Fat Flush Plan is a groundbreaking program based on a unique diet model using slimming smart fats, quality proteins, friendly grain and gluten-free carbs, and a structured daily routine. It’s designed to address and correct the most prevalent underlying causes of weight gain.

Four Phases to Supercharge Weight Loss

The Fat Flush Plan has a rather basic and clear-cut mission: to increase metabolism, flush out bloat, and speed up fat loss. At the core of the plan is the commitment to promote a balanced and sustainable lifestyle. The program is broken into four distinct phases:

Cleanse your system with the
Kick off your weight loss with a quick-start liquid detox and see significant results in just 3 days. Set the stage for fat loss with a metabolism booster, skinny smoothies, and slimming spices and fats. 

Continue the process with
Cleanse and build quality bile–the key to fat breakdown and removal of built-up waste from the system. Purge “false fat” and watch the pounds slip away.  

Reshape your body with
Take your progress to the next level. Reintroduce friendly and gluten-free carbs while still losing weight, but enjoying the foods you love. 

Maintain with
Master the new rules of food combining. Learn how to integrate special occasion ingredients for a happier and healthier you. 

Targeting Hidden Weight Gain Factors

The New Fat Flush Plan is designed to address and correct 10 of the most prevalent underlying causes of weight gain. These hidden weight gain factors are the key to just about all of our overweight and obesity issues and are often ignored, overlooked or simply not taken seriously enough by other diet plans.

Liver Toxicity – A liver lacking nutrients and overloaded with pollutants and toxins cannot efficiently burn body fat, sabotaging your weight loss efforts.

Stress as Fat Maker – Constant stress makes the adrenal glands produce excessive cortisol leading to weight gain, especially belly fat!

Water Retention – Not consuming enough water, food sensitivities and hormonal  fluctuations can trap pounds of water in the bodies tissues.

Fear of Eating Fat – Eating fat to get thin may seem to fly in the face of reason but as many as 80% of Americans eat a diet deficient in essential fatty acids, that can help ease cravings.

Excess Insulin – Refined carbs like bread, pasta and sugars are rapidly converted into glucose which triggers high levels of insulin. When insulin can’t convert this glucose your body fat % increases.

Messy Microbiome – Numerous studies have intimately linked an unbalanced microbiome to weight gain and obesity. Its influential role in our metabolism gives our bacterial ecosystem substantial control over our weight.

Poor Quality Bile – When bad bile keeps your body from digesting fats, not only does it make you gain weight, but it also leaves you without the nutritional benefits packed inside fat.

Tuckered-Out Thyroid – Alongside a decreased metabolism, a sluggish thyroid can lead your body to produce too much insulin, triggering low blood sugar along with intense cravings for carbs.

Hidden Hitchhikers – Parasites – Researchers believe that parasitic developments in humans may be partly responsible for the human epidemics of insulin resistance, type 2 diabetes, and obesity.

Missing Magnesium – Magnesium plays a starring role as a critical mineral that helps turn food into fuel. Without enough of this vital catalyst, you lack a major nutritional component that triggers efficient fat burning.



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“I dropped over 100 lbs and honestly couldn’t believe it. And the best part of it was that during my weight loss I didn’t feel like I was on a diet, like I was starving or malnourished. I lost my sweet tooth and was just so focused on losing that next pound.”