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Flush Away Fat Faster & Easier Than Ever Before… 


Building on the New York Times bestselling Fat Flush Protocol, this guide reveals 4 brand new Fat Flush Accelerators that produce faster fat loss and even easier ways to get you to your weight loss goal.

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Brand New - The Ultra Fast Fat Flush Guide - Ann Louise Gittleman

What’s in the Ultra Fast Fat Flush?

The world-famous Fat Flush weight loss plan & detox is back and better than ever!

2021 is a very special year for my Fat Flush Plan: it marks the 20th anniversary of the worldwide phenomenon you know as Fat Flush! Over the past two decades, I’ve been blessed beyond measure by the millions of readers who have made it into an international New York Times Bestseller and shared their incredible weight loss success stories with me.

Discover 4 Brand New Accelerator Protocols For Faster Fat Loss

To celebrate this 20-year milestone I’m sharing with you the 4 most effective accelerators you can use to upgrade your Fat Flush and make it faster and more effective, while also giving your energy and immunity a boost.

Intermittent Fasting

A gentle form of intermittent fasting will show you that when you eat is just as important as what you eat for weight loss, longevity, and
immunity, and can be done effectively without cutting calories or stressing your adrenals.


Coffee lovers will be thrilled to hear that starting your day with the right coffee jumpstarts your metabolism and gets you burning fat faster from the first sip.

Sunflower Lecithin

You have to eat healthy fat to lose fat—and there’s one special fat that helps you shed unwanted pounds and melt away cellulite in as little as three days.

Apple Cider Vinegar

The tangy zip of apple cider vinegar isn’t just for digestion anymore. You’ll learn how to cut your cravings, curb your appetite, and balance your blood sugar, while supporting your immune function and boosting your fat metabolism.

Millions of Others Have Lost Weight For Good Using Fat Flush. Now it’s Your Turn!

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Brand New - The Ultra Fast Fat Flush Guide - Ann Louise Gittleman
Mark Hyman, MD

“Fat Flush revolutionized the detox and dieting concept and we are all standing on the shoulders of the Fat Flush Phenomenon.”

Mark Hyman, MD

Director, Cleveland Clinic Center for Functional Medicine; Chairman, The Institute for Functional Medicine; Founder and Director, The UltraWellness Center

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