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From the desk of Ann Louise Gittleman, Ph.D., C.N.S.

From the Desk of Ann Louise Gittleman, PhD, CNSDo you have weight loss resolutions for 2023?

Lots of people do. In fact, weight loss is the #1 New Year’s resolution. And yet…

Sadly, 8 out of 10 people who try to lose weight in the New Year give up by February.

But it’s not their fault. And if you’ve struggled to stick with your own weight loss resolutions in the past, it’s not your fault either.

Think about it: Most popular diets are confusing and time-consuming. Worse, they force you to give up your favorite foods and practically starve yourself.

Or, they’re based on hype and junk science. They get your hopes up with glitzy promises only to inevitably let you down.

Listen: You’re not the one giving up on your weight loss goals. Truth is, the vast majority of the diets out there aren’t giving YOU the support you need to succeed!

But that’s all going to change for you this year…

Because starting Monday, January 9th I’m going to take you by the hand and personally guide you through a free, PROVEN 2-week weight loss challenge called Fat Flush Forward.

Ann Louise Gittleman's Fat Flush Forward - 2-week Guided Weight Loss Program

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Enter Your Name and Email Below to Save Your Spot for the Fat Flush Forward 14-Day Weight Loss Challenge. It’s FREE!

Don’t miss out! The fun starts Monday, January 9th 2023!

If diets have let you down in the past, here’s why everything will be different for you this year.

The Fat Flush Forward 14-Day Weight Loss Challenge is based on Phase 1 of my New York Times best-selling Fat Flush Plan book.

I’m humbled to tell you the Fat Flush Plan has been going strong for 22 years. And it’s showing no signs of slowing down any time soon.

Why? Because it works!

The New Fat Flush Plan

You’ll eat what you love and LOSE. You’ll join a supportive community of people cheering on your success. And you’ll have support, guidance, and loving encouragement to make steady progress towards your goals.

Best of all, at the end of this fun 14-day challenge you’ll have weight loss results you can see in the mirror… and… your friends and family will start asking what your secret is. 🙂

And these aren’t just empty promises.

For over two decades, people just like you have used the Fat Flush Plan to not only reach and maintain their weight loss goals… but also… to transform and upgrade their health and their life.

Here are a few of their success stories:

No hunger. No confusion.
Just results you will see… and others will notice.


Tiffany Lost 89 lbs and 10 inches

“Last year I needed to drop weight fast to be healthy enough to survive a liver transplant after being given a few short months to live. I did the Fat Flush Plan and several rounds of Smoothie Shakedown. I started out on 11 medications and am currently down to four. After incorporating Holistic Medicine from my naturopath, and other supplements as well, I cured my NAFLD and a liver transplant was no longer needed…best of all, I was going to live! I have lost 89 lbs and more than 10 inches. I love that you can customize ALG’s plans to fit your own personal needs. Everyone’s bodies, circumstances and budgets are different. So even if you can’t afford the supplements at the time or are on different supplements, the diet plans will work and if you are committed to it, it will change your life. I’m living proof of that!”

Tiffany S. age 40, Washington

Tiffany - Before Photo

Sherry Lost 68 lbs and 4 sizes

“I always felt tired and was bloated. Fad diets I tried only made me feel worse. It all changed when I found an old copy of The Fat Flush Plan. I didn’t get on a scale, but I felt better from day one. My face and tummy were getting slimmer. I stuck with it and I’ve now lost 68 lbs and 4 sizes. It didn’t all come off overnight, but slow and steady works too! My blood pressure and cholesterol had been a train wreck. They’re great now. I’m off all meds. If you’re struggling with bloat and weight gain, be good to the body you’ve been blessed with. I’m proof it’s not too late to feel amazing!”

Sherry V. age 60, California

Sherry V - BEFORE
Sherry V - AFTER

Cathy Lost 92 lbs in a year!

In January 2020 I hit a low (or high) point with my weight and health. Extremely obese on a tiny 5′ tall body, high cholesterol and blood pressure, aching knees and hips, weak and no stamina. The mountain I was facing was very steep, and I really did not think I could succeed.

While internet surfing about weight loss, I stumbled across Ann Louise Gittleman’s Fat Flush Plan. My biggest surprise was how good I felt. Satisfied, full of energy and alert. I also faithfully took my supplements from day 1. To my surprise, I could tolerate them and had zero ill effects. I had gone cold turkey on everything–sugar, fast food, alcohol, cut caffeine consumption to one cup of coffee per day – and never experienced the “crash” I feared. I also was never ravenously hungry.

Less than a year later, I had lost 92.5 pounds! I went from “plus size” 2X to size small/xsmall. My cholesterol, blood sugar, fats have gone past normal to superior levels. I am forever grateful the good Lord gave me the tools I needed to do this, and that definitely includes Ann Louise and her Fat Flush principles!

Cathy R. age 55, Montana

Cathy R - BEFORE
Cathy R - AFTER

This 2023, Make It a Happy
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Imagine how good you’ll feel to have more energy… better sleep… more comfortable joints… and a big surge in self-confidence because not only do you look good, you feel good, too!

That’s what I want for you.

And that’s exactly what’s possible when you join me in the Fat Flush Forward 14-Day Weight Loss Challenge.

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Enter Your Name and Email Below to Save Your Spot for the Fat Flush Forward 14-Day Weight Loss Challenge. It’s FREE!

Don’t miss out! The fun starts Monday, January 9th 2023!

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