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Smoothie Shakedown

Smoothie Shakedown

Super-Charged Weight Loss

Brimming with flavor and bursting with health benefits, Smoothie Shakedown is the easiest way to reach your weight loss goals. Specifically designed for busy people on-the-go, it’s easy to follow, even when eating out & accelerates healthy weight loss.

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How it works

The program stands apart from others because our smoothies contain over 20 grams of clean, GMO-free pea and rice protein. Studies have shown that a complete plant-based protein is up to 50% more successful than animal-based protein powers for weight loss. The Smoothie Shakedown combines 6 key components for optimum weight loss and detox results:

Protein – Each plant based protein smoothie helps reset metabolism and curb appetite.*

Fats – Essential fats help accelerate fat burning, stimulate fat loss, and provide long-term muscle mass.

Carbs – A wide array of colorful fruits and vegetables loaded with enzymes, vitamins, and minerals help keep you energized.

Fiber – Fiber-rich foods assist in binding of toxins and regular elimination.

Liquids – Drinking plenty of fluid helps the body rid stored wastes and fats.

Supplements – Smoothie Shakedown features three key supplements to support your weight loss efforts: Weight Loss Formula, Dieters’ Multivitamin & Mineral and GLA-90.*





One Month Smoothie Shakedown Bundle

Get your weight loss started on the right track with our most popular Smoothie Shakedown Bundle.


Bundle Contains:
2 Fat Flush Body Proteins (60 servings)
Fat Flush Kit (30-day supply)
Smoothie Shakedown Guide

Get the 1-Month Bundle

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15 lbs down

Teresa is doing it and so can you!

Thank you Ann Louise for all the time, research and personal commitment you’ve invested in helping people like me to change our lives for the better. Watch me go! (At least the extra part of me.)